Northampton girls youth lacrosse mission is to increase participation in the game of lacrosse by providing a safe and enjoyable learning environment for young women to play strengthen local athletic programs through early player identification. Girls lac

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Northampton, Ma
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Article I - Name and Mission

Section 1: This association shall be known as the NORTHAMPTON GIRLS YOUTH LACROSSE ASSOCIATION hereinafter referred to as NGYL.

Section 2: The principal office for transaction of business for NGYL shall be located at 13 Park Street, Florence, MA 01062.

Section 3: Northampton Girls Youth Lacrosse strives to develop a lasting understanding and love for the game of lacrosse to girls in the greater Northampton community. The organization is dedicated to developing appropriate lacrosse skills in a safe and fun environment that teach good sportspersonship and the benefits of teamwork.

Article II - Affiliation

Section 1: NGYL shall annually apply for or renew affiliation with a league organization comprised of other youth lacrosse organizations, currently Connecticut River Valley Girl’s Lacrosse, hereinafter referred to as “CRV” .

Section 2: NGYL is a participant in CRV and operates within the league rules and bylaws of the CRV. NGYL bylaws do not supersede CRV bylaws.

Article III - Objectives

Section 1: The primary objectives of NGYL are to teach lacrosse skills while imparting the ideals of good sportspersonship, leadership, tolerance, discipline, honesty, loyalty and respect for oneself, other players, and the game of lacrosse.

Section 2: To achieve these objectives, NGYL will provide a supervised program under the Rules and Regulations as set forth by CRV.

Section 3: NGYL shall operate exclusively as an association providing a supervised program of competitive lacrosse

Article IV - NGYL Bylaws

Section 1: The NGYL Board of Directors will approve Bylaws stated herein by a majority vote.

Section 2: Bylaws will be reviewed annually and approved by the NGYL Board of Directors by a majority vote.

Section 3: The power to adopt, amend or repeal the Bylaws is vested in the Board of Directors.

Section 4: The NGYL Board of Directors will include Bonnie Burnham as CEO of NGYL. As CEO, Bonnie will serve on the Board of directors and have voting rights. She will oversee NGYL. Should she choose to step down, the role of CEO will be permanently terminated.

Article V - Annual Meeting and Election Procedures

Section 1: The Annual meeting shall be held in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year during the end of season banquet and minimally cover the following topics:

a) President will give a brief state of the organization address.

b) Treasurer will present and make available current financial statements.

c) Secretary will discuss upcoming election procedures, date, time and location as well as solicit any additional nominations.

Section 2: The election of Board of Directors will occur every two years after the annual meeting on a specified evening according to the following procedures:

a) Three (3) weeks prior to the annual meeting a call for Board of Director nominations will go out to Regular and Coaching members as defined in Article VII section 2.

b) The secretary of the current Board will contact each nominee to confirm if they accept or reject their nomination. Self nominations will be assumed accepted.

c) The ballot of all accepted nominees will be prepared by the Secretary for the Annual meeting where Regular and Coaching members will select 5 of the nominees to serve on the Board of Directors.

d) The five (5) nominees receiving the most votes will be elected to the Board of Directors.

e) Once elected the Board of Directors will meet no later than July 31 to hold internal elections for Board positions as outlined in Article XIII.

Section 3: The fiscal year of NGYL shall be July 1 through June 30.

Article VI – Membership

Section 1: Any individual residing within the City of Northampton, attending any Northampton schools or residing within a surrounding town that does not have an affiliation with the CRV league shall be eligible for membership.

Section 2: There shall be four (4) membership categories:

(a) Participant Members: Any child in grades 3-8, and who resides within the authorized boundaries of NGYL as set forth herein, shall be eligible for participation. Once officially registered, Participant members may attend Board meetings if accompanied by parent/legal guardian but will not be allowed to vote. Each Participant member must participate in one NGYL fundraising activity during the season.

(b) Regular Members: Any parent or legal guardian upon registering their child(ren) to play in NGYL and during the term that their child(ren) remains a Participant Member is a Regular Member. Regular Members are permitted to attend all Board Meetings but will not be allowed to vote (except when voting for the election of Board of Directors at the annual meeting). Regular members may hold appointed (but non-voting) positions within the organization as deemed necessary.

(c) Coaching Members: Any Person interested in volunteering their time to coach NGYL players is a Coaching Member. All Coaches are required to pass a CORI check, be NYSCA certified and are responsible for all documentation for this coaching position. The Board of Directors with a majority vote will appoint a Head Coach for each team. If there is more than one individual interested in the head coach position there will be an interview process to determine the most qualified person. The Board of Directors, with a majority vote, will appoint assistant coach(s) and a team manager/per team upon the recommendation of the appointed Head Coach. Coaching Members are permitted to attend all Board Meetings but will not be allowed to vote unless they are on the Board of Directors (except when voting for the election of Board of Directors at the annual meeting). All Coaches shall be required to adhere to all directives and responsibilities as outlined by the CRV Board of Directors and the Affiliations of Article II.

(d) Affiliate Members: Individuals not otherwise qualified for membership who wish to assist with league operations subject to approval by the Board of Directors shall be allowed as affiliate members and have no voting rights.

Article VII – Fees

Section 1: A reasonable participation fee will be assessed each year for participant members to ensure the operational continuity of NGYL. While it is the desire of NGYL that the inability to pay full participation fees shall not keep an individual from participation in the program, there are a limited number of Financial Aid Scholarships that will be made available subject to available league funds.

Section 2: Participant members who cannot afford to pay the participation fee shall so indicate in writing to the Registrar, who will take such steps as necessary to assure that the suggested fee does not prevent a player from participating in NGYL. It will be based on income guidelines set by the NGYL Board of Directors. Proof of Public Assistance shall be required for scholarships.

Section 3: Full refunds minus any credit card processing fee accessed NGYL at the time of registration will be given upon request prior to the first two team practices for the season. After the second practice, a written request for refunds due to unusual circumstances may be submitted to the Board of Directors. Such requests will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

Article VIII – Playing Rules

Section 1: Consistent with these Bylaws, NGYL will follow such rules and regulation as set forth in the CRV Rules of Play, and, by reference, the NFHSA Rules of Play, and U.S. Lacrosse Rules of Play.

Section 2: The coaches are responsible for conforming to the CRV Rules of Play. A coach who fails to conform to the rules of play will be subject to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors.

Section 3: Head Coaches/NGYL Board will have the responsibility for determining team rosters once registration is closed.

Section 4: It is the default policy of NGYL that no player will play outside of her age division. If a player wishes to "play up" outside of her division (i.e., from Bantam to Junior or Junior to Senior), her parent/guardian should submit a request in writing to the Board of Directors. In addition, no player may play up more than one grade to a different 3rd grade Bantam to Junior level or 5th grade Junior to Senior level.  

The BOD will meet with the affected coaches and will address the following points: 1) Does it benefit both the child and the program? 2) Is there a need for the child to play up outside of his division? The coach of the higher level team must evaluate the player during a practice. The player will need a recommendation from both lower and higher level coaches and will be evaluated by a third party, selected from a coaching pool from outside our program. The final decision will be a BOD vote after receiving all coaches' recommendations

Article IX – Financial Accounting

Section 1: The Board of Directors shall not permit the solicitation of funds in the name of NGYL unless all the funds so raised are placed in the NGYL treasury.

Section 2: The Board of Directors shall not permit the disbursement of NGYL funds for other than the conduct of NGYL activities in accordance with the rules and policies as set forth herein. 

Section 3: No Board of Directors member shall receive any compensation related to league activities at any time for any reason.

Section 4: All monies received shall be deposited to the credit of NGYL in a local bank and all disbursements shall be made by check or cash with receipt signed by the authorized Board member.

Section 5: The President and Treasurer shall each be authorized to write checks for payment of NGYL expenses from the NGYL account.

Section 6: Payment of routine expenses (referees, etc.) shall not require a receipt nor authorization from the Board of Directors.

Section 7: Payment of non-routine expenses (equipment purchases, t-shirts, etc.) in excess of $200.00 shall require approval of the majority of the Board of Directors. Such approval need not come at a formal meeting of the Board of Directors.

Section 8: Upon dissolution of NGYL and after all outstanding debts and claims have been satisfied, the Members may donate/distribute the property of NGYL to another Western, Ma. girl’s youth lacrosse league maintaining any objective similar to those set forth herein.

Article X – Insurance

Section 1: The Board of Directors shall obtain yearly insurance through U.S Lacrosse. 

Article XI – Board of Directors

Section 1: The Board of Directors membership shall be comprised of the following elected officers: C.E.O., President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary and Registrar. Members of the Board of Directors are the only voting members of NGYL.

Section 2: The Board of Directors shall meet quarterly as deemed necessary. Quorum for voting on measures at meetings shall consist of three (3) or more members of the Board of Directors, one of the votes which must come from the CEO, President or Vice President.

Section 3: Term of office is set at two (2) years. There shall be no limit set on the number of terms a Director may serve.

Section 4: Members shall be familiar with these Bylaws. Each member shall work to promote the purposes of NGYL and the CRV. Each Director shall be prepared to report on their respective area of responsibility at each Board meeting.

Section 5: Executive sessions that deal with administrative issues will consist of Board of Director members only.

Section 6: Members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend all NGYL meetings. Upon missing three (3) meetings without notifying the President, Vice-president, or Secretary with a valid excuse, that Director will be dismissed.

Section 7: The Board of Directors shall appoint Advisory Board members to positions deemed to be necessary for effectively running the leagues. Such positions may include, but are not limited to, the following: Equipment Manager (buy gear for program and NGYL brand gear), Facilities Manager (line fields, find new fields, ensure field quality and field availability), Director of Coaching (establish program fundamentals for all levels, language consistency, set play consistency), Fundraising Manager, Banquet Organizer, Tournament Supporter. Members who accept an appointed position are permitted to attend all Board meetings but will not be allowed to vote (except when voting for the election of Board of Directors at the annual meeting). The positions will run concurrent with the BOD positions for a two year term. Ideally the Advisory Board will be a equal blend of Bantam, Junior and Senior level parents.


Articles XII – Board of Directors Duties

Section 1: President. The President shall:

(a) Conduct all affairs of the NGYL and execute the policies established by the Board of Directors and the CRV.

(b) Preside over all meetings of the Board of Directors as chairperson.

(c) Represent NGYL at CRV meetings and at other meetings as necessary.

(d) Act as spokesperson with input/direction of the Board for NGYL in all matters that Board of Directors is authorized to act.

(e) Communicate to Board of Directors such matters as deemed appropriate, and make suggestions in the best welfare of NGYL.

(f) Be responsible for the conduct of NGYL in strict conformity to the Policies, Principles, Rules and Regulations of the league as set forth in the NGYL Bylaws.

(g) Ensure that members in appointed positions are working in a manner consistent with the vision of the Board of Directors and in compliance with NGYL and CRV bylaws.

Section 2: Vice-President. The Vice-President shall:

(a) Coordinate league Pre-Season Kickoff planning, fundraising  if applicable and Banquet planning along the Banquet Chairperson.

(b) Coordinate CORI background checks for coaches and ensure coaches have current US Lacrosse memberships and NYSCA memberships--all three to be completed before practice season begins.

(c) Ensure Insurance is current through US Lacrosse and create additional inurance binders for any facility/event requiring said binder.

(c) In the event the President cannot perform his/her duties outlined above, the Vice- President shall convene a meeting of Board of Directors for the purpose of selecting a replacement from among the remaining Board of Directors.

Section 3: Secretary. The Secretary shall:

(a) Be responsible for recording the activities of NGYL and maintain proper files, mailing lists, and necessary record.  Keep minutes of Board of Directors meetings and cause them to be recorded in a permanent written or digital form for that purpose.

(b) Coordintaing emails going out to NGYL families about various events such as Pre-Season Kickoff, Lacrosse Tournaments and assisting the Vice President with emails/Sign Ups for the Banquet.

c) Maintain NGYL web-site as directed by President along with the Registrar.

Section 4: Treasurer. The Treasurer shall:

(a) Receive all monies and securities, and deposit it in depository approved by the Board of Directors.

(b) Keep records for the receipt and disbursement of all moneys and securities of NGYL. Approve payments from allotted funds and draw checks therefore in agreement with the policies and agreements by Board of Directors.

(c) Prepare an annual budget before the Annual meeting, which will be sent out electronically 1week prior.

(d) Prepare a written report to the Board of Directors quarterly, which will be sent out electronically 3 days prior to a Board meeting, including status of all income and expenditures.

(e) Have NGYL books, accounts and records in condition for audit at all times and ready to turn over to his/hers successors in the office of Treasurer.

(f) Ensure that all accounts are properly designated and that there shall personal or non- league assets.

Section 5: Registrar. The Registrar shall:

(a) Organize and operate Registration sign-ups.

(b) Organize team rosters.

(c) Turn in Roster information to the Northampton Recreational Dept. along with payment.  

(d) Coordinate with coaches and the Northampton Recreational Dept. and turn in a final pre-season practice shedule and game schedule requests to the Northampton Recreational Dept. for there lacrosse facilities at JFK Middle School and Florence Field #5.

(d) Maintain accurate member lists in a digital format suitable for use in email and hardcopy mailings as may be needed.

(e) Maintain NGYL web-site as directed by President along with the Secretary

Section 6: Filling Board of Director Vacancy: In the event that a Board of Director member cannot continue in their position, the remaining Board of Directors, by majority vote, may appoint a replacement for the duration of the term.

Article XIII – Indemnification

Section 1: The organization NGYL, to the extent permissible and only to the extent that status of NGYL as an association, shall indemnify any and all current and former Officers and Directors of the Organization and Program Entities, against expenses actually and necessarily incurred by them in connection with the defense of any action, suit or proceeding in which they are made parties by reason of being or having been Officers and Directors of the Organization and Program Entity, except in relation to matters as to which any such Officers and Director or person shall be adjudged in such proceeding to be liable for negligence or misconduct in the performance of duty.

Section 2: Neither the officers, directors, delegates or members of the NGYL association nor their property shall be subject to or chargeable with the payments or debts or obligations of the NYGLA.